Fact: 36% of pest management companies have treated office buildings for Bed bugs.*

Fact: E&G Pest Solutions   can proactively monitor for Bed bugs and quickly treat any infested areas.

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What is for Bed bug monitoring for office buildings?

Bed bug infestations in the United States are continuing at high rates, and the pest is becoming even more of a problem than in years past. Bed bugs are no longer confined to bedrooms in residential homes since public places such as office buildings are being treated for bed bugs much more frequently.

Our Sister Company, Bed Bug Central,  has recently developed a new product SenSci Volcano to allow us to discretely monitor office building for Bed bugs. When SenSci Volcano is used together with SenSci Activ, a lure developed by Rutgers University, the combination creates a highly-effective and easy-to-use bed bug monitor ActivVolcano that effortlessly blends into the environment.  If Bed bugs are found on the premises, we can quickly remediate infestations to help your tenants avoid unnecessary interruptions in their work space.

How do we monitor for Bed bugs in office buildings?

To proactively monitor for Bed bugs, we will discreetly place our monitors and lures throughout the office building which will allow us to locate bed bugs quickly. If we find Bed bugs in our monitors, we will quickly treat those areas at a discounted rate bed bugs before the problem spreads and potentially gets out of hand.

Also included as part of the monitoring service is our Bed Bug Disaster Plan. Our plan will provide you with a communication strategy, resources, and the protocols that you will need to manage if Bed bugs are seen crawling through the office.

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