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When pests threaten your peace of mind in Old Piscataway, NJ, rely on E&G Exterminators, a trusted pest control company. We specialize in mitigating infestations and creating pest-free environments for both residential and commercial properties.

Our expert team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to handle any pest problem, big or small. With a commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide the best pest control in Piscataway, NJ. Trust E&G Exterminators for your pest control needs and experience the difference of a pest-free space today.

Best Pest Control Company in Piscataway, New Jersey

E&G Exterminators stands as a leading pest control company in Piscataway, NJ, providing effective solutions to pest related issues. Our proficient team, backed by state-of-the-art technology, ensures that your residential or commercial space remains pest-free.

We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our clients and implement strategies that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. If you’re seeking reliable pest control in Piscataway, NJ, E&G Exterminators is your go-to solution. Let us assist you in maintaining a comfortable, pest-free environment. With E&G Exterminators, you can rest assured that your pest concerns are in capable hands.

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E&G Exterminators provides a comprehensive range of pest control services in Piscataway, NJ. Our expert team efficiently handles bed bug control, rodent control, termite control, and roach extermination. We also tackle other common pests ensuring your space remains safe and comfortable.

Why Choose E&G Pest Exterminators in Piscataway?


Expertise and Experience

E&G Exterminators boasts a team of seasoned professionals who have spent years honing their skills in pest control. Our staff has deep knowledge of the unique pest challenges faced by residents of Piscataway, NJ. This wealth of experience allows us to provide effective pest control solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Innovative Techniques

We employ advanced pest control techniques that set us apart from other companies in the field. Our methods are not only efficient but also environmentally conscious, ensuring the safety of your space and the planet.


Client-Centric Approach

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We listen to your concerns, assess your needs, and develop a customized plan for pest management. Our team is committed to providing you with the best service possible, ensuring your home or business remains a safe, pest-free environment.


Reliable Service

When it comes to pest control in Piscataway, NJ, reliability is crucial. E&G Exterminators is a company you can trust to deliver consistent, high-quality service. We work diligently to ensure that every job is done right, providing peace of mind for our clients.

Choose E&G Exterminators for your pest control needs in Piscataway, NJ. With us, you receive not just a service, but a commitment to excellence.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Piscataway NJ

E&G Exterminators is committed to providing top-notch pest control services to both residential and commercial properties in Piscataway, NJ. Our team of experts are experienced in managing a variety of pests, from rodents to insects, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your home or business.

We use advanced, environmentally friendly techniques to provide you with efficient solutions. E&G Exterminators is not only a trusted name in pest control but also a partner in maintaining a pest-free space for you and your loved ones or your business. Choose us for reliable, professional pest control services.

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Great service, knowledgeable, professional, and on TIME!!! The technician, Gianni, was very polite when entering my home (he even took his boots off). He was thorough checking my attic and gave me pointers on what to look for when it comes to squirrels, raccoons, even bats and mice. He then proceeded onto the roof showing me where the Raccoons were getting into the attic. He made sure everything was secured and sealed. I would definitely recommend E&G Pest Solutions to family and friends. Great experience!!! Thank you again Gianni.

Vibez Gaming

We prefer John but are happy to have anybody come to spray for ants and fill the bait traps back up. John has been coming to our place for over 15 years so he knows the layout best which is why we prefer him, but we always get exceptional service from anyone who comes! The receptionists are helpful scheduling is around office hours since we have a home office. And every single technician is professional and friendly and always willing to listen to us to go above and beyond what they would normally do! We live with our back to the woods so we have them out every week or so in the spring and summer to spray for ants and every month in the winter to help control the mice situation. They’ve even gotten rid of flying squirrels for us! Can’t beat E&G!

Rita M.

About three weeks ago i had someone from E&G come out and give me a estimate for raccoons. I had decided to go with the Company They sent out their animal man Eddie Morris and I’m so happy they did he was not only very knowledgeable but very kind and did a thorough inspection of my home and did a marvelous job. he put a one way tunnel on and told me to wait 2 weeks if i don’t hear the noises they would come back out to clean and sanitize and seal the entries. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Louis T.

I have used E & G for many years and have been extremely satisfied with the service. Both customer service and technical competence, particularly the specialist, John R. is amazing. Knowledgeable, detailed, attentive and a creative problem solver. Plus super kind and friendly to work with.

Jill in Highland Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Regularly treating your pets with veterinarian-recommended anti-flea and tick medications is a primary step. Additionally, maintaining cleanliness in your home and especially in areas where your pets spend time can help prevent infestations. Regular vacuuming, washing pet bedding, and keeping your yard clean and free from tall grass can also deter these pests.

One method is to make the environment less appealing to birds. This can be done by removing food sources or using bird deterrent products like spikes or netting. Remember, it’s important to comply with local wildlife laws when dealing with bird nesting issues.

Signs of a rodent infestation include visible droppings, gnaw marks on furniture or food packaging, scratching sounds within walls or ceilings, and sightings of live or dead rodents. If you notice any of these signs, it’s advisable to contact a pest control professional immediately.

Yes, there are several eco-friendly methods available. Using natural repellents like vinegar, cinnamon, or peppermint oil can deter ants. Additionally, keeping your home clean, especially the kitchen and dining areas, can prevent ants from being attracted to food sources. Always remember, if an infestation becomes too large to manage, consult a pest control expert.

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We prioritize your safety and satisfaction, providing personalized service that addresses your specific concerns. Remember, a pest-free home or business is just a phone call away with E&G Exterminators. Reach out to us today and let us assist you in maintaining a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment.

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