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    E&G Exterminators are your go-to specialists for a variety of pest issues in Passaic County, NJ. Our services extend beyond mere removal; we handle pests that pose health risks and environmental hazards. These overlooked pests can threaten your household’s safety with their nesting and waste. Our pest control methods in Passaic County are comprehensive, designed to effectively eliminate these threats and secure your property. For personalized pest management solutions in Passaic County, reach out to us.


    Innovative Pest Eradication Techniques

    Our Passaic County team at E&G Exterminators employs innovative techniques to eradicate pests efficiently, offering quick and lasting solutions to your pest concerns.

    Residential Pest Protection Services

    E&G Exterminators ensures your Passaic County home is a pest-free zone. Contact us for expert residential pest control services.

    Passaic County Commercial Pest Management

    Keep your Passaic County business free from pest-related disruptions. We offer effective, competitive pest control solutions for your commercial needs.

    Pest Inspection In Passaic County

    Call us today for a Pest Inspection and find out why many of your Passaic County neighbors trust us!


    Quick Response from E&G Exterminators

    Emergency Pest Control Response

    When facing a pest emergency in Passaic County, immediate action is crucial. Our team provides swift and effective solutions to tackle any pest problem promptly.

    Affordable Pest Control Services in NJ

    Economical Pest Control Solutions

    We provide cost-effective pest control services in Passaic County, balancing top-notch quality with affordability.

    Pest Infestation Solutions

    Sustainable Pest Control Strategies

    Our approach to pest control in Passaic County focuses on sustainability, ensuring long-term prevention and control of pests in your property.

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    E&G Exterminators are amazing! They came to my house right away and took care of everything. All the employees are courteous and knowledgeable and their products work so well. If I were you, I’d absolutely trust them to take care of pest problems. I highly recommend them.

    Laura P.


    Jamie came on by, on time, talked to me like a person and took care of my rodent issue. He was very friendly and informative. E&G guys are top notch and don’t try to steal your money
    Have been using them for years.

    Eddie S.


    After one exterminator was a no show. I called EG they came out that day and estimated the job for our Wasp and hornet problem. Came out next day used a safe chemical and sealed all areas. We haven’t scene a wasp since. Will use these guys again

    Dan K.

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