Warehouses are a very important link in today’s supply chain; they store valuable assets for customers from all types of industries. Warehouses are particularly susceptible to pests as many insects and rodents will feed on goods and materials found in these facilities. Besides, quiet and secluded structures provide a good nest environment for a pest, which makes warehouses even more attractive to them.

Non-Fod Warehouses Services

The constant flow of items going in and out of a warehouse gives pests various opportunities to access your facility and infest your merchandise. The following are some potential risks if you have a pest infestation in your warehouse:

  • Damage to the organization’s reputation and loss of customer’s trust.
  • Customer complaints or termination of contracts leading to revenue losses.
  • Delayed deliveries.
  • Possibility of loss materials.
  • Legal issues for non-compliance with regulatory laws.

The protocols required for warehouse management have been increasing making them a priority for warehouse managers and owners. The best way to prevent pests from hurting your warehouse or your reputation is by having a pest control plan in place for them at all times. 

E&G Pest Solutions understands the risks a potential pest problem means for a warehouse company and how important it is for owners and managers to reduce the operational disruptions and productivity losses that dealing with constant pest concerns can bring.

Here is how to proceed to get service for your food warehouse:

  • Schedule an appointment with E&G Pest solutions for a FREE-NON OBLIGATION ESTIMATE. Our representative will proceed with a detailed inspection identifying the source of your problem or potential infestation conditions.
  • E&G Pest Solutions will put together a plan according to the needs of your warehouse in order to treat and prevent pests from taking place in your facility.
  • Once you acquire our services, we will provide the treatments in a regular basis. If you don’t see any active pests we will still visit your location for regular inspections to make sure there are no potential infestation conditions and prevent them from becoming a bigger problem.

Non-Fod Warehouses Services


We understand that protecting your products is extremely important. Help ensure your warehouse isn’t storing unwanted pests with the following tips:

  • Cleaning; keeping your facility clean will make it less attractive for pests. Clean any spilled food products, keep tight control over your employee’s food waste, keep it in designated areas only and have it removed from those areas after each meal. 
  • Sanitation; a regular cleaning schedule that focuses on the hidden parts of your facility is very important in order to remove any potential pest harborage areas. This schedule should include hard reaching areas.
  • Monitoring; regular monitoring can be the difference between sored product pests infesting one container or the entire room. Keep an eye for signs of possible infestations and call E&G Pest solutions if you realize any.
  • Sealing; preventing pests from entering your facility is very important to prevent bad infestations. Entry points make your warehouse susceptible to pests, sealing cracks and crevices, closing opening, covering vents with wire screening and repairing damaged floor drains or tiles; your facility will not give pests access to your sensitive environment.
  • Maintenance; plumbing and air conditioning should be maintained routinely in order to prevent leaks, which will keep pests from having a convenient supply of water to drink if they do make it into the warehouse.

E&G Pest solutions also offer Food Warehouses services; please click here for more information.

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