Mosquitoes are a common summertime pest, which can be an annoyance by biting and irritating you and your family when they invade backyards or outdoor areas. They are not only annoying, but also a health concern since they are disease carriers. Besides, removing them completely is not easy, but with the right treatment you can significantly improve your area.


  • Mosquitoes are tiny flying insects, which are commonly known for their diet of blood and their leaving itchy little bumps on the people they bite. They are actually part of the same family as the common fly.
  • Mosquitoes are very weak flyers. Therefore, the wind from a fan is enough to prevent them approaching if you are sitting outside.
  • Only female mosquitoes bite people, they feed on blood to get protein to lay eggs. The eggs can be laid in as little as one cup full of water.
  • Mosquitoes find people through heat detection and using their sense of smell.
  • Mosquitoes prefer temperatures of at least 80 degrees.
  • Despite the previous facts, mosquitoes are also a vital part of the ecosystem; some creatures feed on the adult insects.


Female mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in standing water, since it is very important during the larval and pupal stages to move into the adult stage, where reproduction and blood meals begin. If you live in an area near water sources you may experience an increased mosquito activity, however, mosquitoes can lay their eggs in any water source from small containers or tiny amounts of standing water to vas marshlands. Many of the disease-carrying species of mosquitoes prefer to breed in man-made containers rather than in natural wetlands, so they can be closer to humans. So if you are experiencing a mosquito infestation it is most likely because of standing water in your property, where they may be breeding. 


The following was stated by The American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA):

“Mosquitoes cause more human suffering than any other organism — over one million people worldwide die from mosquito-borne diseases every year. Not only can mosquitoes carry diseases that afflict humans, they also transmit several diseases and parasites that dogs and horses are very susceptible to. These include dog heartworm, West Nile virus (WNV) and Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE). In addition, mosquito bites can cause severe skin irritation through an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva – this is what causes the red bump and itching. Mosquito vectored diseases include protozoan diseases, i.e., malaria, filarial diseases such as dog heartworm, and viruses such as dengue, encephalitis and yellow fever. CDC Travelers’ Health provides information on travel to destinations where human-borne diseases might be a problem.”

Even though mosquitoes can transmit the diseases mentioned above, the chances of you contracting them are slim. In order to prevent such a misfortune we have some tips that you can use to prevent them breeding in your property.


  • Standing water

Destroy or dispose of tin cans, old tires, buckets, unused plastic swimming, toys or any other objects that collect and hold water. Make sure to eliminate standing water around animal watering troughs. Check for trapped water in plastic or canvas tarps used to cover boats, pools, etc. and arrange them to drain water. If you have a bird bath, change the water regularly. Also, make sure your land has proper drainage.

  • Use natural repellents

Using natural repellents is a really good way to control mosquitoes around your home providing some short-term relief. 

Some plants have potent fragrances and essential oils which can naturally repel mosquitoes. We can mention lavender, marigolds, lemongrass, rosemary and citronella for instance. Besides the actual plants you can also use candles or torches with these fragrances in the areas of your yard where you will be hanging out or set them around the perimeter.

  • Clean up debris

Standing water is not the only thing that can provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Some types of mosquitoes lay their eggs in damp soil or debris, so you must clean it up. Make sure to remove leaves and other debris from gutters, too. Besides cleaning the debris you need to keep your lawn as short as possible, this way you will limit resting places for mosquitoes to breed.


Our mosquitoes control process typically consists of the following stages:

  • Confirm or discard the existence of mosquitoes on the premises through an inspection
  • Identify the factors that may be causing and contributing to the infestation
  • Offer pest control programs according to your property needs to get the problem under control
  • Treat the existing population and prevent future infestations with Demand CS


Demand CS offer peace of mind by helping control mosquitoes and more than 30 other insects. It can be used both indoors and outdoors with little to no odor or staining.

Studies show the active ingredient in Demand CS, lambdacyhalothrin, can be 5 to 20 times more effective against insects than insecticides with other active ingredients. This means Demand CS can work better and longer resulting in a more reliable and economical solution with fewer mosquito treatments needed at your home.

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