Raccoon Exclusion

We’ll get the raccoons invading your home out and keep them out with our wildlife exclusion service.

Protecting your property from pests is very important if you are a homeowner. Some pests are not just an annoyance but can also be harmful to your property and cost you money; some can even pose a threat to you and your family. Raccoons may nest and reproduce in attics, garages and some other small spaces, becoming a problem to property owners; not only because of their damaging your property, but also because they’re known to carry diseases that can harm people. Raccoons can be dangerous to pets and they can also injure humans.

Raccoons are a pest that need to be addressed, if left unattended they can become a real nuisance. E&G Pest solutions will protect your home and your family from these intruders with our raccoon exclusion service. Click here for more information about raccoons.

Here is how to proceed to get rid of this pest:

  • Schedule an appointment with E&G Pest solutions for a FREE-NON OBLIGATION ESTIMATE. If you live in a rental property, you need to contact your landlord or property manager, they may have a contracted pest control company. 
  • Our representative will proceed with a detailed inspection identifying the entries that maybe letting the raccoons in your home and provide you with the estimate according to your needs.
  • E&G Pest Solutions will exclude the raccoons and prevent them from invading your home again. Learn more about our exclusion service here.

E&G Pest Solutions offers additional services to complement the exclusion process, click on the ones you are interested on for more information. Rodent cleanups and disinfecting, insulation removal and replacement, gutter cleaning and gutter tunnels.

Please call E&G Pest Solutions for a FREE inspection and estimate 1-800-564-6368 or fill our form in this page.

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