Rodents and other wildlife can get inside your property while looking for food or a place to nest and may even cause some damage by chewing through wires, eating drywall or tearing insulation. E&G Pest Solutions’ goal is to keep you, your home and your family safe from these pests invading your property.

Setting bait stations or traps for mice and rats helps keeping these pests under control but the best way to fix a frequent rodent problem is having an exclusion service since they are capable of entering your home through very small entries. Some common areas from which rodents can be accessing your home are the following:

  • Dryer and oven vents
  • Foundation grates and pipe openings
  • Garage door openings
  • Attic, turbine and gable vents
  • Roof returns and plumbing vents
  • Gaps between roofing fascia and exterior walls

Rodent exclusion is a pest control method used to reduce the conditions that may be attracting or allowing rodents in your property, this method will prevent them from infesting your property.

Our rodent exclusion process typically consists of the following stages:

  • Confirm or discard the existence of rodents or other wildlife on the premises through an inspection.
  • Carefully examine the factors that may be causing and contributing to the infestation, especially entry points.
  • Treat the existing rodent population and prevent future infestations by eliminating entry points. 


If you’ve been hearing squeaks in the night, scratching inside your walls or ceiling or you’ve been seeing rodent droppings around your property, you probably have a rodent problem. Our exclusion services are offered for the following invaders:

If you are not sure what kind of rodents or wildlife may be infesting your property, click on the links above to find more information about each of them.

E&G offers additional services to complement the rodent exclusion process, click on the ones you are interested on for more information. Rodent cleanups and disinfecting, insulation removal and replacement, gutter cleaning and gutter tunnels.

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