E&G Pest Solutions   is proud to partner with GutterLock, the premier gutter protection system.

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Not only will you never have to clean your gutters again, we’ll ensure your gutters do not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, carpenter ants and other insects while also keeping wildlife such as squirrels from gaining access to your home.

For a Limited Time save $100 on any GutterLock installation.

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    Please watch the video below to see how impressively the water flows during a rainstorm when GutterLock Diamond locks out leaves and prevents debris from entering your gutters.

    • The diamond shaped holes take in larger amounts of water than other solutions with round holes
    • Helps provide a pest and wildlife free environment
    • Adds more stability to the gutter system
    GutterLock Elite
    • GutterLock Elite is the premium gutter protection system and can handle any rainfall.
    • Made of heavy gauge aluminum, it fits universally over most gutters.
    • Available in colors designed to match most gutter or roof colors
    gutterlock extreme
    gutterlock extreme

    Extreme Flow has all of the same features as Elite with the addition of Diamond cut holes.
    The holes are designed to handle higher flows of water in areas such as:

    • Metal Roofs
    • Valleys
    • Inside Corners
    • Downspouts draining on roof

    Why Choose E&G Pest Solutions  and GutterLock?

    • No need to climb ladders to clean gutters.  Every year thousands of people are injured every year by falling off ladders while cleaning debris out of their gutters
    • Keeps gutters free of debris.

    BEFORE INSTALLATION: gutters are clogged with debris
    AFTER INSTALLATION: water easily runs into the gutters

    gutterlock before and after
    • Eliminates habitats for insects and nesting birds.  Our completely enclosed system prevents the build-up of debris, which becomes a perfect environment for pests and birds.
    • Eliminates roof access for rodents. The under-shingle installation eliminates easy access by rodents into the roof cavity
    • Manages rainwater with under shingle installation.Water cannot get behind gutters – preventing rotted wood on fascia board and soffit areasWith gutters free of debris, they will not overflow which keeps the water from running down the walls into window and door framesWith gutters not overflowing and water being managed by downspouts, water is being pushed away from the foundation.  This also helps to keep water from running into crawl spaces which aids with any mold and insect issues
    • We offer a 25 year no gutter clog warranty for the Diamond and lifetime no gutter clog warranty for the Elite and Extreme.

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