Believe it or not, bed bug infestations are also common in offices. They can easily hitchhike on clothing, bags, and used furniture to make their way into working environments and back to employee homes and vice versa. It’s a vicious cycle that can affect your business’s bottom line. 

These bed bug control tips can give your company a weapon to fight back against these nasty creatures.

The Dangers of Bed Bugs in the Office

Bed bug bites can cause itching, welts, and, in worse cases, allergic reactions. In turn, this can cause anxiety and sleep disturbances, which affects employee morale and productivity. Finally, there have been unproven reports that bed bugs can transmit infectious diseases.

Thankfully, quick thinking and fast actions can prevent a small infestation from becoming a larger problem.

If you act now, your business can save thousands in treatment costs, furniture damage, and employee satisfaction. 

Bed bugs

Four Best Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in the Office

Early Detection and Reporting

Educate employees to watch out for early signs of bed bugs like bites, shed skin, and fecal matter. Take this a step further by implementing a company-wide policy for immediate reporting of suspected bed bug activity.

Regular Professional Treatment

Professional pest control companies are experts and well-equipped to handle the location and elimination of bed bugs without putting you and your workers at risk. 

Thorough Cleaning and Sanitation

Regular and thorough cleaning can prevent bed bugs and their eggs from growing and infesting your company’s base of operations.

Make sure to pay more attention to furniture and carpets as they are the usual hiding spots for bed bugs. Invest in a quality steam cleaner if necessary for a chemical-free but effective solution against bed bugs. 

Ongoing Monitoring and Prevention

There’s no one-size-fits-all cure for bed bugs anywhere. The best way to address this problem is through a consistent company-wide effort.

The Benefits of Calling a Professional

For worse infestations, DIY bed bug removal methods don’t work. In fact, they can make the problems worse. This is where calling a professional pest removal company comes in. They can use a combination of non-toxic treatments like heat and mild chemical application if necessary to rid your infested workspace of bed bugs. In worse cases, these professionals may recommend using more toxic chemicals.

Regardless of their recommendation, they will make sure to minimize the impact their removal method has on the well-being of everyone working there. 

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite Into Your Office’s Well-Being

The best time to eliminate bed bugs was yesterday. The second-best time to act is now.

A multi-pronged approach that includes professional treatment, cleaning, and ongoing monitoring is the most effective bed bug control method. This kind of proactive approach is conducive to a work environment that’s free of bed bugs.

If your working area is currently having a serious bed bug infestation, we at E&G Exterminators will try our best to help. We have years of experience ensuring the bullpens all over New Jersey are a no-infestation zone for bed bugs.