Seeing large, winged insects around your home can be unsettling. Among these, cicada killers are often spotted during the summer months. These wasps hunt cicadas alone, so people call them cicada hunters. But why do they choose to settle in our properties? This blog post wants to make this question clear, giving ideas about how they act and tips for cicada killer pest control.

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What Are Cicada Killers?

Cicada killers are big wasps that hunt cicadas. They look scary because they are bigger than most wasps. However, they are generally not aggressive towards humans unless provoked.

The Life Cycle of Cicada Killers

Knowing how cicada killers live helps us control them. These bugs come out in the summer, chase cicadas, and lay eggs. The larvae feed on the captured cicadas until they emerge as adults the following year.

Why Your Property?

Ideal Conditions

Cicada killers are attracted to areas that offer optimal conditions for their nests. They prefer sandy and well-drained soil where they can easily dig tunnels. If your place has what they like, these wasps might start to like it too.

Abundance of Food

A high population of cicadas in your area can attract cicada killers. These wasps rely on cicadas to feed their larvae, so properties with a lot of cicadas will naturally attract them.

Managing Cicada Killers


The first step in managing cicada killers is to properly identify them. Because of how big they are and how they look, it’s easy to mix them up with other bugs.

Altering the Habitat

Making your property less attractive to these wasps can help in managing their presence. Watering your lawn regularly can make the soil less suitable for their nests.

Professional Cicada Killer Pest Control

For effective and safe removal, it’s often best to consult with professionals who specialize in cicada killer pest control. They know how and have the tools to deal with these wasps without hurting nature.

Preventive Measures

Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect your property for signs of cicada killer activity. Finding them early can stop them from becoming a big problem.

Maintain Your Lawn

Keeping your lawn well-maintained can discourage cicada killers from nesting. Thick grass makes it difficult for them to access the soil to create their burrows.

Managing Cicada Killers: Strategies for Keeping Your Property Peaceful

While cicada killers can be alarming to find on your property, understanding their behavior and habitat preferences can make it easier to manage their presence. By making your place less nice for them and getting help from experts if you need it, you can stop these wasps from coming close. Keep in mind, they help by keeping the number of cicadas down, so taking care of them carefully is good for nature’s balance.

At E&G Exterminators, we offer specialized pest control services, ensuring the effective management of these unwelcome guests. Our skilled team can safely handle cicada killer bugs, keeping your place and comfort safe. Don’t allow cicada killers into your outside spaces. Reach out to E&G Exterminators for an effective solution tailored to you. We’ll make your place less nice for these bugs, so you can have a fun summer without worrying about unwanted visitors.