Wasp nests can be quite dangerous to remove on your own as these pests are notorious for their stings. Apart from they can get quite aggressive when humans are near their nests, their stingers also never fall off, allowing them to repeatedly sting you as they please. If that isn’t bad enough, their stingers release pheromone signals to other wasps when they sense a threat, calling their colony for backup.

For obvious safety reasons, among many others, we highly advise seeking professional wasp nest removal.

However, if you are determined to take on the challenge yourself, it’s best to know what exactly it is you are up against and how you can safely prepare beforehand.

Wasp Control

Start by gathering your protective gear

Expect wasps to be aggressive once you go near their nests. Wear full protective gear and take as much precaution as you can to ensure your health and safety. Since their stingers are long and robust, they can cut right through most clothing.

Wear a bee suit or multiple layers of long-sleeved clothing made of rough and thick fabric. Make sure to tuck your pants into your thick socks, and cover your face. 

Next, locate the nest and identify the type of wasp

Wasp nests are not always in the most obvious spaces. Depending on the type of wasp, they can also target specific kinds of areas to build in. For instance, certain species prefer to nest in trees while others like to stay close to manmade structures.

The best way to narrow down your search area and to know the most strategic approach to controlling the pests is to determine what kind of wasp you are dealing with. One of the easiest ways to identify the species is by observing their colors. A simple Google search of their features can lead you to identify them and learn about their nesting habits, as well as how aggressive they can be towards humans.


Remove the nest

Invest in a strong wasp-killing spray and douse the nest with it. Wait for 24 hours before checking to see if there is still activity within or surrounding the nests. If there is moving, spray the nest and the area again.

Once you notice the nest is relatively still, cover it entirely with a garbage bag, gently pull it off the tree or structure, and quickly seal the bag. Double bag if you prefer, ensuring that they cannot escape then throw in in a tightly covered bin.

How you can benefit from hiring a professional

Team members of professional pest control companies are highly trained in safely removing a wasp nest and further applying preventative measures to keep wasps away. While a DIY option may sound more cost-effective, they are usually less efficient and are much more dangerous than initially expected.

By hiring a professional you benefit by:

  • Staying safe and well-protected
  • Having a team of trained experts with specific knowledge of wasps
  • Professional products, tools, and techniques for more effective eradication


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