The presence of bats may have their benefits such as reducing the number of mosquitos, moths, and other pests in the area. However, they are still quite dangerous to humans and even our beloved pets. Bats carry a variety of dangerous diseases which can be transmitted through their droppings.

If you suspect bats in your attic, here are the top 8 signs to look for that could confirm your speculations.

Bat Removal and Exclusion In NJ

#1 Bats Around Your Home During Sunrise and Sunset

Since bats are nocturnal creatures, we usually expect to see them only at night as they sleep throughout the daytime. If you start seeing them while the sun is out or early in the night, this is a big sign that they are living very nearby and most likely in your attic.

#2 Bat Droppings

A clear indication of bats in the attic are bat droppings right outside your home, especially near entry points. Check for small, dark, oval-shaped pellets on your deck, porch, window sills, and similar spots.

#3 Chirping Sounds

Bats have a distinctive chirping sound that is very high-pitched and sharp. This is generally how they communicate with one another, and you can hear it mostly at night when they are highly active.


#4 Scratches On The Walls

If you find scratches on the walls of your house, especially within the attic, this could very well be a clear indication of bats. If not bats, definitely another kind of pest infestation that needs to be addressed.

#5 Brown or Black Stains In Entry Points

Bats have a layer of grease on their coats that leaves residue on places they land. Identifying brown or black greasy stains in common entry points, especially on the roof, is a sign that bats use that spot to enter your home. Moreover, areas stained by bats need to be thoroughly sanitized to prevent diseases from spreading. Do not touch it with your hands!

#6 Dead Bats

Many things can kill a bat. They can overheat, they can be eaten by parasites, they may have acquired white-nose syndrome, or they can be killed by predators such as snakes or owls. If you find dead bats around your property, this could mean they frequent the area and are most likely residing there.

#7 The Scent of Ammonia

Bat droppings smell similar to ammonia, which can be very strong and just as toxic. More often than not, once you start to get a whiff of the scent, this often means that the droppings have significantly piled up already.

#8 Bats Leaving You Attic At Sunset

If you are spending time in your garden and suddenly see bats leave your attic around dawn or sunset, trust that this was not a one-time visit. This mostly indicates that they have already infiltrated the area, stayed there during the daytime, and are only leaving the space to look for food. Even just one single bat could indicate a full infestation.


Never attempt to control a bat infestation on your own. They are disease-carrying creatures that pose a major threat to your health. Once you see any of the signs above that indicate you have bats in the attic, call professional pest control right away to manage the situation as quickly and safely as possible.

When looking for expert bat control in Perth Amboy, NJ, don’t hesitate to call E&G Exterminators and we’ll send over our best team to provide swift and affordable solutions today!